Saturday Night Fever for Two Filmotor Docs

We are pleased to share the latest news from Saturday 5th of March 2023 for our two gems that won big in their national film awards.

Art Talent Show won the Czech highest film award – The Czech Lion carried by the Czech Film and Television Academy in the category “Best documentary feature” for the year 2022!

The observational documentary by Adela Komrzy (Winner of Czech Lion for her previous film “Internsive Life Unit”) and Tomas Bojar (Filmotor represents his previous film “Off Sides“) was so far sold to North America (Film Movement), Slovakia (Film Expanded) and released in Czech Republic. It was recently acquired by the Swiss public broadcaster SRF. The TV cut of 52 min. is available. A Witty, Wiseman-esque doc about art school staff and their aspiring students” won 2 awards in Karlovy Vary IFF and is currently presented at True/False film festival in Columbia, Missouri.

Jakub Wagner, Martin Kohout, Jan Strejcovsky, Adela Komrzy. Courtesy of Czech Lions awards.

Soy Libre by Laure Portier won a Magritte Award – an accolade presented by the Academie Andre Dalvaux of Belgium in the category of the Best Documentary. The award is presented to recognise the cinematic achievement in the film industry and it is considered as Belgium equivalent of Academy Awards in the USA. The feature debut is produced by Perspective Films. It is distributed in France by Les Alchimistes Films and in Belgium by Avila.

Laure Portier. Courtesy of Les Magritte du Cinema