Off Sides (2019)


In the summer of 2017, young ice hockey players from the small town Náchod in East Bohemia set off on a long distance trip to Morocco, to participate in what was surely the most entertaining training camp they had ever experienced.
The original mission was to play ice hockey game in the exchange programme, but they did not just go there to play ice hockey. Perhaps even more importantly, they went to Morocco to get in touch with the local people and get immersed in their way of life. Both on and off the ice, Rozálie Kohoutová and Tomáš Bojar’s camera focuses on a few teenagers and their exchanges, simultaneously funny and cruel, in clumsy English. A few months later, their visit was reciprocated by ice hockey players from the Moroccan town of Salé who went to the Czech Republic for the very same reason.

This exchange trip fostered a lively dialogue between two different cultures, spiced up by many little surprises and doses of liberating humour. The teenage egos blaze, the competition exacerbates tensions and the film remains faithful to its astute, firm stance: to observe, at teenage level, national pride, at times grazed with hockey stick blows and casual conversations in the bus.

Did they learn to recognize an offside position?


R. Kohoutova & T. Bojar, Czech Republic, 2019, 75 min.
Visions du Reel 2019 – Grand Angle, National premiere: Karlovy Vary IFF; Edinburgh IFF, Odessa IFF, Kasseler Dok Film Fest, Albania IHRFF, One World Slovakia; Broadcasters: Czech TV, Current Time TV; VOD: True Story, iTUnes, EDU Rights: ProQuest
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Rozalie Kohoutova (1985) studied Romany culture at Charles University and documentary filmmaking at FAMU. Her comprehensive knowledge of the Romany community came in handy during
the shooting of FC Roma (2016), which she directed together with Tomáš Bojar. The film was well received in film festivals around the globe.

Tomáš Bojar (1981) has a degree in politics, law and moral philosophy. He has been active in the film industry since 2003, first as a scriptwriter, later also as a producer and director. He worked on multiple film projects in a creative duo with Pavel Abrahám — Czech RAPublic (2008) and Two Nil (2012). Together with Rozálie he directed FC Roma (2016). In 2018 he completed a feature length documentary Breaking News.