Urban Distribution acquires Swiss documentary KOMBINAT for the theatrical release

French theatrical distributor Urban Distribution acquired the rights for the feature Swiss documentary Kombinat. Kombinat premiered in Visions du Reel 2020 and was shown in numerous festivals. It was awarded in Green Image Japan Film Festival this spring with Special Jury Prize and in Provinziale Festival in Germany.

Kombinat shows the life in Magnitogorsk where the biggest iron & steel factory in Russia is based. The film was directed by Gabriel Tejedor, the Swiss director who often films in post – soviet countries.

„In Kombinat, I want to examine once again the human capacity to endure hardship: adapting to a hostile environment (pollution, noise, competitiveness, extremely limited professional options…), to intractable political power, arbitrary rules (cronyism is rife in Russia)… All of this taking place in a country that is retreating into itself at breakneck speed. I also want to highlight the solutions and the escape strategies that allow people to go on living despite adversity. “

Urban Distribution was launched in 2011 by Frederic Corvez and Matthieu Piazza and it distributes author films in theatres and it is a part of the Urban Group. Sandrine Floch, the head of distribution at Urban comments:

„Visually arresting and ethically flawless, Kombinat is a masterpiece, beautiful, which necessary to be seen now and in times to come. With the incredible cleverness of the Flemish masters of painting of the 16th century for frame and details, the Swiss filmmaker Gabriel Tejedor describes the struggle of workers and their families to build happy lives in an industrial nightmare in the middle of Ural. As theatrical distributor we have been impressed for his talent and empathy with this forgotten mankind. We are very proud to release this movie, and make it proposition for the French audience”

Kombinat is produced by Xavier Derigo – IDIP films in co-production with RTS. Currently the 52 minutes long TV cut is in production.