Rota n´ Roll (2017)

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“Cold war takes a break on the Spanish Seaside”

One of the greatest cultural and social revolutions in the XXth century of Europe took a place in a tiny village on the Spanish seaside.

In order to control the threat coming from the Soviet Union, the largest American military base on European soil was built in Rota, a small and humble farming and fishing village in a post – civil war Spain. After building the base, immigration of almost 10.000 soldiers resulted in bringing dollars, Marlboro, Cadillacs, night clubs and Rock n´ Roll music into Spain, a shattered country ruled by a fascist dictator.

Streets are full of bars and “sins”, dollars, American smuggling products, stories of friendship, disagreement but also love episodes between the marines and the girls from the town. Rota got richer and bigger while, through the loudspeakers of the radio, the greatest hits of rock & roll sounded all over the base. Songs were broadcasted from the base radio station for soldiers´ not to feel homesick…

Welcome to Rota, “The Mediterranean Las Vegas.”


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Vanesa Benítez Zamora, Spain, 2017,75 & 52 min
Festivals & sales
Seville European Film Fest; 2018 Festival de Cine Iberoamericano de Huelva, 2018 Malaga IFF; Broadcasters: Canal Sur, UR Sweden, Deutsche Welle VOD release with UTMW, EDU Rights: Alexander Street

Vanesa Benítez Zamora graduated from TV Direction at Audio Visual  School Nestor Almendros in Sevilla. After more than 15 years of experience in direction and production for TV, film and multimedia, in 2017 he directed her first documentary “Rota n’ Roll” and she is currently developing “The Fantabulous Life”, her next feature as director.