Beautiful Things Live Screening in the Concert


A musical and cinematic performance in 4 acts.

70 minutes of music in a movie of 94 minutes.

Giorgio Ferrero & Rodolfo Mongitore produced a stunning live show and a spectacular concert of Beautiful Things music. Live show is played by 5 musicians on stage using various instruments such as:

  • stonaphone (marimba with stones from desert like notes)
  • modular syntetizers
  • wrenchaphone (percussion made by wrenches performed in a scene of the
    the movie)
  • iron bars
  • vibraphone played by cello bows
  • voices and vocoders
  • electric bass
  • chinese zither
  • toy piano
  • cellos, organs, voices, percussions
  • singing – underwater, acoustically, with harmonizer

Please email us for the detailed info of the show and technical requirements.

Produced by

Giorgio Ferrero & Rodolfo Mongitore

Singer Roberta Cortese

Cellos duo Luisella Ghirello & Alessandro Malavasi