hold on to her (2024)


Mawda Shawri, two years old in 2018, sister of Hama, daughter of Phrast and Shamden, was shot dead by a Belgian police officer during a migration border control. In 2023, over 40 people, both undocumented and documented resident activists, assembled before the camera at La Voix des Sans Papiers in Brussels to stage a collective hearing of documents from and reactions to Mawda’s case.

In this hearing, the speakers produce the counter- evidence of a deadly Channel crossing, and they practice justice as a sensuous social space for collective mourning and healing.

Press, Interviews & Reviews

Berlinale Forum Expanded title ‘hold on to her’ acquired for sales, sells to German-speaking territories, Screen, 19.03.2024

Interview: Delightful Docs, Podcast, Feb 21 2024

Interview: Interview Galatta Plus TV

Robin Vanbesien, Belgium, 2024, 80´
Visualantics (Steven Dhoedt) & timely (Robin Vanbesien)
Arsenal - German speaking countries
Berlin IFF - Forum Expanded
World except of Belgium

A visual artist, PhD candidate and filmmaker, Robin Vanbesien (1979) explores modes of embodied knowledge and collective imagination engaged in social and political struggles. He collaborates with situated emancipatory grassroots movements, exploring cinema as a space for social gathering and political engagement. In 2020, Vanbesien co-founded The Post Film Collective, which explores cinema as a form of speculative rehearsal and communal assembly. ‘Under These Words (Solidarity Athens 2016)’ (2017) and ‘the wasp and the weather’ (2019) premiered at transmediale and Cinéma du Réel. His first feature ‘hold on to her’ had its world premiere at Berlinale Forum Expanded (2024).

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