A Golden Life (2023)


In Burkina Faso, in the gold-digging site of Bantara, Rasmané, 16 years old, descends more than 100 meters deep in artisanal mines to extract gold. Anxious about accidents, Rasmané makes his way in this world of fierce adults in the hope of one day becoming emancipated…


The special thing about this documentary is the total lack of any sense of voyeurism. The camera seems to be completely absorbed within the society. It observes without judgment and pursues no effect.” Nicole Sante, Business Doc Europe, 20.2.2023

Filmotor picks up Berlinale Forum title A Golden Life , Business Doc Europe, 15.3.2023

A Deadly Haunting: When industry colonizes not just land, but minds and sonic space, Arsenal, Uhuru Portia Phalafala

Boubacar Sangare, Burkina Faso, Benin, France, 2023, 85´
TV 5 Monde
Berlin IFF 2023 - Forum, FESPACO, Movies that Matter
World except of France

Boubacar Sangaré is a filmmaker, author and director, from Burkina Faso. He directed 4 short films and co-directed a feature documentary for TV.

A Golden Life is his first feature documentary for cinema. He is currently developing several other projects: including the road movie documentary Djéliya, Memory of Manding (selected for La Fabrique des Cinémas du Monde, in Cannes Film Festival 2022, Miradas Doc and Hot Docs Forum) and two feature-length fiction films: Le nom qu’on te donne and Les dieux délinquants.

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