Eastern Memories (2018)


Eastern Memories is an epic road movie and unexpected Odyssey into the Far East of Mongolia and Japan. Seamlessly intertwining the past and the present into a visually stunning journey of adventure and exploration, love and death, conspiracies and the fall of nations. All told by a dead Finn from the distant north.

It is also the story of Finnish linguist and diplomat G. J. Ramstedt’s travels into the old world of beliefs and traditions of the late 19th century. That world does not exist today. It is replaced by ideologies and market economy. He witnessed the events of the past one hundred years, and now he reminds us of why we are here today. Like a true adventurer, he kept a diary in the grand style that we hear on the soundtrack. The contrast to today’s landscapes and, especially, cities is highlighted in the film’s imagery shot during the two Finnish filmmakers’ journey in his footsteps. The directors duo created a stunning film full of a dry Finnish humour.



“Highly recommended for travel addicts!”

– The Youth Info

“Eastern Memories is a great example to prove that telling a story of a linguist can result in a beautifully shot informative and intriguing motion picture.”

– Cinema Scandinavia

“Eastern Memories” is a great documentary, which succeeds as a chronicle of a both a man and of the countries he visited.”

– Asian Movie Pulse

“Top of my list of films to watch either completely stoned or extremely sober.”

– Rich Smith,The Stranger

“A fascinating film that gives audiences the feeling of time travel as they compare Ramstedt’s depictions with its modern-day replacements.” 

International Examiner

Niklas Kullström & Martti Kaartinen , Finland, 2018,86 min
Festivals & sales
Doc Point Helsinky 2018; Tampere Film Festival, International premiere: CPH:DOX – NORDIC:DOX Competition, DOK.fest Munich, Docs Against Gravity Poland, Espoo Ciné 2018, Doku Fest Prizren, Monterrey Film Festival – Best Feature International Documentary Film, Cambridge Film Festival, Helsinki IFF – Love & Anarchy, Margaret Mead FF + Imagine Science FF NYC, IFF Mannheim – Heidelberg, Doku Baku – 3rd Award for the Best Documentary, Kolkata IFF, Kathmandu Mountain FF – Best Documentary, Bergamo Film Meeting, Millenium FF Brussels, Cartagena IFF, Seattle IFF, Duhok IFF Iraq, Ecofalante Brazil; Broadcasters: YLE, PTS Taiwan VOD Release with Under the Milky Way, Giloo

Martti Kaartinen is a filmmaker and scriptwriter. He has acted as a lead in several successful short films and is currently involved in various film projects as a director, writer and actor. Martti is currently based in Berlin.

Niklas Kullström is a producer, director, DoP and media artist with a BA in aesthetics and a MA in fine art photography. Niklas is the founder of Hillstream Pictures, which specializes in hard to realize docs and features.