After the Future (2017)

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“After The Future” is an exposé about the conflicted and complex life of a long term HIV survivor Ortwin Passon. Despite years of struggle with the physical and mental assaults of HIV, he continues to fulfil his need for unrestrained ecstacy.

Publicly, Ortwin has a distinguished history of service with the Federal Agency for Technical Relief. For this service he is a twelve time recipient of Public Honours. In 2005 he was awarded the prestigious Federal Cross of Merit for his esteemed work and social engagement. However, he refused this award as an act of conscience against a Government.
These feelings of oppression are in direct conflict with Ortwin’s unrestrained sexual proclivities. At group sex parties, he’s having sex with other men under the influence of hard drugs, without using protection. To counter Government initiatives to criminalize “barebacking” Ortwin has written a Doctoral Thesis upholding what he sees as a basic human right. As he sees it: it is the right of HIV positive men to have unprotected sex.



“A radical life between the Federal Agency for Technical Relief, leather bars and academic ambition: that’s what André Krummel presents with great empathy and subtlety in his freedom-loving portrait.” 

– Jury, Dok Leipzig

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André Krummel, Germany, 2017, 46 min.
DOK Leipzig – German Comepetition for Feature documentary films – Honorary mention, Porn Film Festival Vienna, Outview Film Festival Athens, Festival International du Documentaire Emergent Paris, Mic Genero Mexico, Taiwan Queer IFF; VOD: Pride TV; Edu Rights: Alexander Street
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ANDRÉ KRUMMEL: After several internships in the german film industry André Krummel travelled the world for a whole year before he worked at Rosa von Praunheim Film as an editor. Since 2013 he is studying “documentary” at the Filmakademie Baden- Wuerttemberg in Germany. The feature length documentary “Berlin Excelsior”, produced by Peter Rommel, is his debut as a cinematographer and co-writer. After the Future is his debut as a director. Alongside film school he works as a cinematographer for documentaries and lives in Berlin.