Terra Incognita (in post-production)


A family lives without electricity in a remote Alpine valley, while in France a nuclear experiment is ongoing inside a gigantic factory. Following the thought of Alexander Von Humboldt, the two stories move in parallel in search for a new language for the Anthropocene age.

Enrico Masi, Italy, France, 2024, 100´+
Caucaso Factory, Les Alchimistes
RAI Cinema
Available for the world premiere spring/ summer 2024
World except of Italy & France

Enrico Masi is an Italian film-director and Phd at Alma Mater Studiorum. He founded Caucaso Factory in 2004. After working at the University of Bologna as a filmmaker for scientific essays, his debut feature documentary The Golden Temple premiered in Venice Film Festival in 2012. Shelter: Farewell to Eden, his second feature film, started at CPH:DOX in 2019 and it has been distributed by Filmotor. Focused on post-modern and post-colonial dynamics, the main field of his interest is connected to urban phenomenology, hybrid cinema and sound. Terra Incognita is the Opus Magnum of Enrico´s works and it is is currently in postproduction.