Four Films, One Award – DOK.Fest Munich

While starting a new collaboration with Cinemarket, the films of “Filmotor” also enjoyed a great festival success at the 33rd DOK.fest Munich. The festival screened three titles from the catalogue of “Filmotor”: Flavio Marchetti’s “The Animals and Other People” that explores life in an animal shelter in Vienna, Alexandra Wesolowski’s highly controversial   “Impreza – The Celebration”, and Matthias Krepp and Angelika Spangel’s extraordinary found footage film, “Sand and Blood”, that got honored with the Megaherz Student Award.

The film, that offers a new approach to the crises in the Middle East, got recognized by the jury with the following words:  “The filmmakers demonstrate great intimacy with their protagonists and handle their material in a persuasive and particularly sensitive manner”. The Megaherz Student Award is the third international prize of Sand and Blood, after sweaping the Silver Eye Award at Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival and the DOCU/LIFE Award at Kiev’s DocuDays.

New acquisition after CPH:DOX

At DOK.fest, the most important documentary festival of the Bavarian capital, “Filmotor” also acquired a new title, “Eastern Memoires”. Niklas Kullström and Martti Kaartinen directors’ debut film follows the journey to the Far East, to Mongolia, Japan and South- Korea, narrated with the words of G.J. Ramstedt linguist, diplomat and researcher by heart.

The film was so far presented in all big festivals in Finland. International premiere was in Nordic Competition in CPH:DOX. The project is not just the film itself but creative duo plans to publish a book about Ramstadt and so far those who love the ambient music can buy a Vinyl, LP! More here. In September the big tour is planned in Mongolia – which will be one of the first of its kind in Mongolia. Stay with this film and follow the great adventures of Ramstedt in past and with Marti and Niklas today!