Dir. by M. Romaszkan & M. Wojtowicz, Poland, 2017, 72 min.

National premiere: New Horizons IFF 2017, Wroclaw

A consideration on the human quest to explore the Exotic, constructed from amateur tourist footage and set to an original techno score. The film follows travelling group of people sharing their personal video recordings from places all over the world. The trans-like footage leads us through the banality of ubiquitous coverage to suddenly confronting the most amazing images. The film is an effort to find a way of understanding the countless people all over the world who dare search the connection with the residents of distant cultures within the only framework we have available – Tourism. We are no more than them.




MATEUSZ ROMASZKAN – Awarded film editor for numerous documentaries: Oscar-nominated Rabbit a la Berlin (2009), winner of Locarno 15 Corners of the World (2014) and feature films: winner of Berlinale Forum Performer (2015) among others. Tourists is his directorial debut.
MARTA WOJTOWICZ – WCISLO – Academic researcher with PhD in political science. For a long time she worked as a tour guide in Africa and Latin America. Tourists is her directorial debut.


Directed by Mateusz Romaszkan & Marta Wójtowicz-Wcisło

Producer: Kuba Kosma

Screenwriter: Zuzana Solakiewicz

Music: Zamilska

Editor: Mateusz Romaszkan

Produced by TAK FILM


  • After the Future

  • The Animals and Other People

  • Songs for Kit