Songs for Kit

Dir. by Ruslan Fedotow, Russia, 2017, 57 min.

World premiere: IDFA 2017 Competition for Mid-Length Documentary, National premiere: Art Doc Fest 2017

Territories: World except of Russia, Subject: Festivals & sales

A homeless woman of indeterminate age fights to live a dignified life. We discover a woman with a striking, disarmingly cheerful and inventive character. But these qualities conceal another, far more vulnerable and lonely figure. She’s sometimes joined by a friend who looks awkwardly on she capers about, makes a fire from kindling and enjoys the fireworks on Victory Day. The woman may be sad about being fired from her cleaning job in a shopping mall, but that doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy the singing of the birds. In the end we always find her, heartbreakingly and inevitably, back on her own in her makeshift shelter in a bleak, dark stairwell.    



RUSLAN FEDOTOW (1988) – born in Belarus, living and working in Moscow. Ruslan finished Belarus Academy of Arts and Moscow School of New Cinema, in both the cinematography department and right now working as DOP. Apart he is focusing on his author projects. His mid length documentary debut Salamanca was premiered in IDFA 2015 and in Hot Docs 2016. Songs for Kit is his second mid length documentary and was premiered in November 2017 in IDFA.

Director Ruslan Fedotow

Production Ruslan Fedotow

Executive producer Sasha Kulak

Cinematography Ruslan Fedotow

Editing Ruslan Fedotow

Sound Design Andrey Dergachev


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