Rino: The Spy Story

Dir. by J. Wagner, Czech republic, 2016, 96 min.

Jihlava IDFF, Edu Rights: Alexander Street

Territories: World except of CZ, SR, Subject: Festivals & sales

A detailed look inside the mind and life of Karel Köcher, the most successful Czechoslovak spy of the Cold War, who infiltrated CIA during the 1970s, passing the classified information to his homeland secret service and to the KGB. Now eighty years old, Karel speaks about his actions, motivations, and reviews his life story in general. What it takes for a seemingly ordinary man to become a high-profile spy in a foreign country? And what does such decision make with man’s mind and soul, at the end?


Jakub Wagner (1979) is the documentary director, film producer and DOP based in Prague. He finished documentary directing in FAMU. He is the co-founder of GPO platform, that is dedicated to production of documentary films. His previous film Vana (2012, Jihlava IDFF, Palm Springs IFF) was nominated as the best Czech documentary.

Cast Karel Korcher

Directed by Jakub Wagner

Producer Richard Malatinsky

Cinematography Viktor Smutný

Editing Simon Hajek

Music Ondrej Andera

Produced by Screen Fabric & Czech television


  • Shelter – Farewell to Eden

  • Between Fire and Water

  • Songs for Kit