Dir. by Gabriel Tejedor, Switzerland, 2020, 76´

World premiere: Visions du Reel – International Competition, Encounters IDFF Cape Town, Jean Rouch IFF, Provinziale, Hainan Island IFF, Architecture FF Rotterdam, ArtDoc Fest, Flahertiana; Broadcasters: RTS (CH)

Territories: World expect of Switzerland

Magnitogorsk is an industrial town, in the heart of Russia that depends on its gigantic steel plant: The Kombinat. Lena, a young mother, daughter and grand-daughter of steel workers, teaches dancing lessons, one of the many activities organized by the factory. Amongst her students, there’s Sasha who found in his salsa dance classes, a mean to escape from his daily pressure at the Kombinat. Sasha’s brother and his wife are planning to leave Magnitogorsk and its permanent pollution that is the cause of their daughter’s mental handicap.

Different journeys that explore today’s Russia, in the shadow of the rusty smokestacks.

Category: Russia, Current Affairs, Environmental, Energetics, Family Life

Interview with Gabriel Tejedor on RTS Radio – French

Kombinat celebrates the resilience of people and the basic goodness they possess. It is also an avowed aubade to the steel industry – its rawness, greatness and allure.”

Nicole Sante, Business Doc Europe

“Tejedor once again winds his way into the interstices of Russia, seemingly familiar with many of its secrets.”

Muriel Del Don, Cineuroa, 30.04.2020

“Visually arresting, formally thorough and ethically impeccable .”

Marko Stojiljković , Ubiquarian, 06.05.2020


GABRIEL TEJEDOR (1978, CH) works as a director and journalist. Mainly focused on social transitions and utopias in Russia and ex-soviet republics, he investigates the links between the inhabitants and their history as well as their relationship to authority. Gabriel directed La Trace in 2014, about the inhabitants of the Kolyma region, then Mayskaya str.(2017) about the dilemmas of a 18 year old belarusian citizen voting for the first time. The latter received a special mention at Visions du réel festival and was screened in IDFA and many other festivals.


KOMBINAT_Teaser 2 from FILMOTOR on Vimeo.


Directed by Gabriel Tejedor

Cinematographer: Camille Cottagnoud

Screenwriting: Gabriel Tejedor

Editors: Christine Hoffet

Music Composers: Julien Painot

Producer: Xavier Derigo

Production Manager: Lea Génique

Production Company: IDIP Films

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