Between Fire and Water

Dir. by Viviana Gomez Echeverry & Anton Wenzel, Colombia, 2020, 92´ & 57´

World Premiere: IDFA Luminous 2020, Cine Latino Toulouse, North American premiere: Hot Docs Toronto, DOK.Fest Munich, Philadephia Latino FF, Los Angeles Latin FF; Broadcasters: Señal Colombia

Territories: World except of Colombia; Exclusive subject: Festivals & sales, LATAM non-exclusive

Camilo is the adopted son of an indigenous couple of the Quillasinga tribe in the southwest of Colombia. He is the only black person in his community and has always felt different. For years he has been wondering who his biological parents are. He left school due to racism and bullying. The indigenous governor took him under his wing and gave him Ayahuasca, a sacred remedy for spiritual guidance. During this transcendent experience Camilo has visions of his biological mother.

After this experience he decides to embark on a journey in search of his origins. The indigenous authorities and everyone in Camilo’s family support his decision. With the help of his father and the indigenous spirituality Camilo feels strengthened and starts to change. He even travels to where his mother was originally from: Tumaco, a city on the Pacific Ocean inhabited predominantly by Afro-Colombians. For the first time in his life Camilo discovers his afro heritage and meets the black community.

Category: Indigenous Society, Portrait, Spirituality, Family, Latin, Environment


Viviana Gómez Echeverry is a Colombian director, producer and cinematographer. Studied Social Communication at the Javeriana University, where she is a professor. She wrote and directed two short films EXOTIC TROPICAL and 16TH BIRTHDAY. Her first feature film is KEYLA (2017), which was selected in Competition in Warsaw Film Festival.

PRODUCERS Sonia Hidalith Barrera Gutiérrez, Viviana Gómez Echeverry

WRITER AND DIRECTOR Viviana Gómez Echeverry


CINEMATOGRAPHY Viviana Gómez Echeverry

SOUND DESIGN Carolina Ortiz Cerón

EDITOR Anton Wenzel

ORIGINAL MUSIC Rodrigo Restrepo Pabón, Carolina Ortiz Cerón