After the Future

Despite years of struggle with the physical and mental assaults of HIV,
Ortwin Passon continues to fulfill his need for unrestrained ecstasy and freedom.

Songs for Kit

A girl or a woman? Wearing a red scarf, plush mouse in tow. Looking at her you won’t guess she’s 50 and homeless for three years. She survives in the cold streets of Moscow by her incredible passion to live.

Animals and other People

Vienna´s animal shelter and its inhabitants. A tender gaze at the nature of the animals and a critical look on human irresponsibility.


A consideration on the human quest to explore the Exotic, constructed from amateur tourist footage and set to an original techno score.

Rino: The Spy Story

The fascinating look into KGB agent that infiltrated CIA. Karel Korcher managed to get on a very high position in CIA during Cold war while working for communist party. He is recognised as one of the most successful double agent during the period.