Dir. by M. Romaszkan & M. Wojtowicz, Poland, 2017, 72 min.

Here is a dollar, and we are filming! Thus begins a journey into the world of resorts, optional excursions, and the rituals of mass tourism-an all-inclusive package that explores the world of the ambitions and fantasies of Poland’s middle class. The documentary  is a self-portrait, a collective selfie. Using only amateur recordings, the filmmakers put them together to create a fascinating journey that, although covering different continents, follows a well-marked path staked out by the tourism industry.


MATEUSZ ROMASZKAN – Awarded film editor for numerous documentaries: Oscar-nominated Rabbit a la Berlin (2009), winner of Locarno 15 Corners of the World (2014) and feature films: winner of Berlinale Forum Performer (2015) among others. Tourists is his directorial debut.

MARTA WOJTOWICZ – WCISLO – Academic researcher with PhD in political science. For a long time she worked as a tour guide in Africa and Latin America. Tourists is her directorial debut.


Directed by Mateusz Romaszkan & Marta Wójtowicz-Wcisło

Producer: Kuba Kosma

Screenwriter: Zuzana Solakiewicz

Music: Zamilska

Editor: Mateusz Romaszkan

Produced by TAK FILM